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Champions (at last)!

As the texts and the Tweets started coming through from half past nine on Tuesday night it could be seen that Kidderminster's win against Cambridge meant so much to so many.

Overwhelming sense? At first relief. Relief that after weeks of calculating various permutations of when and where it would happen, it had finally happened. Relief that after five long years of season end anguish (OK maybe not so much last season, but we were mostly numb by then) this time it would see us promoted as champions!

Champions of a league we should never have been in:

  • one where for the first time I saw a competitive drop ball;

  • one where the default refereeing decision was a goal kick regardless of how good the save was;

  • one where the first booking would go to a player in orange after 32mins ignoring the hacks and fouls perpetrated beforehand by the opposition;

  • one where we didn't score from a corner for over 150 consecutive attempts;

  • one where we played 4 or 5 forwards and yet got a notable win against a Premier League side. Notable, yet ignored by the TV cameras;

  • one where some fans would barrack their own players – and didn't the opposition make use of that!

After relief, came pride. Pride in what the team I support had achieved under the guidance of Gary Sweet, 2020 and the many others behind the scenes. A club that was getting things right off the pitch and just needed that one catalyst  - that final piece in the jigsaw. It happened in February 2013 with one appointment - that of John Still. A man that recognised the potential for success, and the potential for failure. At the Meet the Manager we got our first chance to see and hear John.

And what a revelation! Here was a man, experienced in the game that was knowledgeable and approachable. His ability to win the fans over and his straight talking (no magic wand here) impressed everyone, and set us up with confidence for the coming season. During a visit by the Trust to the club over last summer to meet with Gary and David Wilkinson, this sense of calm optimism pervaded the corridors. The first signs of the new togetherness were there and one of the things that was talked about was how to get the supporters to work with the team. We needn't have worried – John and Ronnie had that sorted!

And finally elation. Well, I think I'm going to celebrate over the Easter weekend, when I have time to do it properly and with other fans!

So no more of that non League Luton. We are back, maybe still angry, but back. Better run with directors, management, staff, players and fans sharing a vision of what a successful football club should be and how to get there.



Chair, TiL

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Club to literally Trust in Luton

Luton Town and Trust in Luton – working together to protect the future of your club


Can you imagine Luton Town being renamed London Luton Dons on the whim of a new owner?


Or see changing our colours to yellow and red? 

Perhaps the club crest swapped for a moose head?

How about our nickname being changed from the Hatters to something?

Or even worse, Happy Harry being killed off and replaced by a dragon, or something else considered lucky on the other side of the world?


Stranger things have happened – and are happening – in the world of modern football. It’s an alarming, and unwelcome, trend.


But we are Luton Town. With over 125 years of proud history. For generations, we have been an essential part of the identity and fabric of the town. And that’s the way we all want it to stay.


Luton Town 2020 – all of them lifelong Luton fans  have always said that they are little more than custodians of this wonderful club of ours. They are not planning on leaving; in fact, they'd like to think that they, and their successors, will be here for another 125 years.


But events in our relatively recent past, and currently in the news elsewhere, show just how fragile a club’s identity can be. That’s why Trust in Luton is such an important organisation - and why 2020 and the Trust have been working together to protect the future of your club from the perils of potential bad owners, chancers and asset strippers. Potentially people who don’t care about Luton Town in the way true fans do.


With this in mind we are delighted to announce that 2020 and Trust in Luton have agreed a deal to protect the exclusive image rights of Luton Town, which includes the name, nickname, mascot, colours and crest.


The Trust, the official fans’ shareholders in the Club, will from now on have the legal right to veto any changes in the decision on club name, kit colours and alterations to the club crest and mascot identity This means that the club’s image is protected and protected by people who will always care and always be there.


Asset identity like this is a major step forward towards securing our club for the next generation, and the next.


The agreement between the Club and the Trust will also set out aims for a greater ‘fan ownership’ scheme conditional upon an increase in membership presenting the chance for members to invest in the Club through shares owned by the Trust. But it can only truly succeed with a strong Trust in place. And that’s where you can do your bit.


Don’t just think about joining the Trust. Do it today, if you haven’t already.


Membership costs just £10 per year to join for which you will now have a part to play in protecting your club’s identity; The Hatters playing in Luton colours with the proper club crest. You’ll even help keep good old Happy Harry in a job too!

Join the Trust

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Happy Birthday TiL

This month marks the tenth anniversary of Trust in Luton. See why it was necessary to set up in 2003. With your support we can continue to engage with 2020 and ensure all Luton Town supporters have a voice.

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TiL Tie


New for 2013!

Limited edition TiL silk tie

Designed by a Barnfield fashion student

Hand made in England

Only £15 plus £3 p&p




Designed through competition using the club colours

tie and shirt


Each with distinctive TiL tie tag

TiL logo



Buying online

 To purchase your tie using PayPal, please go to the Members' Area.


Members Area


Then click on the Payment info tab


Payment info tab

Click on the make a donation button

 Make a donation button

Please write into the 'Add special instructions to recipient' box that the payment is for a tie (or however many you wish to buy).

Please also note that the tie will be posted to the address you have listed in the PayPal account. If you wish the tie to be sent to a different address (or addresses) please enter it in the box. Please allow a week or so for delivery.

  Special Instructions


Buying via post

 If you can not or do not want to use the above method, please click on the link below and complete the form. Send with a cheque for the full amount (including post and packing) together with any delivery instructions to the Trust's address. Please write clearly and include a phone or email so we can contact you if needed. Please allow a week or so for delivery.

 Tie order form

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